UK Debt collection terms

debt collection terms and conditions

We will act only for you. (We will not act for your creditors).

We will use our best endeavours to negotiate an arrangement with your creditors.

We will keep your payments and your money in a separate client account.

We will take our fee out of payments received from you. Our fee basis is as follows:
a) the full amount of the first payment
b) 15% of each subsequent payment made by you.

You agree to full disclosure in relation to your financial statement and supply information and instructions to us to enable us to carry out the necessary work for you.

You agree to open a new bank account if a debt of yours with an existing bank renders it advisable or necessary.

You agree to keep confidential this agreement.

You agree that we are not retained by you for the purposes of giving advice. Any advice which may incidentally be given to you during the carrying out of the service should not be relied upon by you.

This agreement shall be terminated without liability on you or us when: a) we do not receive any payments from you within one month of such falling due and/or b) we give you notice that we no longer act for you and/or c) you give us notice by letter or telephone that you no longer require our services.

We will keep your documents and information safe on our file for 30 days after termination of our agreement. Thereafter you agree that title in those documents passes to us for the purposes of secure confidential destruction. Should you require them returned to you any time prior to them being destroyed this will be done on payment of our administration fee of £15.00.

You agree that your dealings with us will be kept confidential save for the purposes of us carrying out negotiations with your creditors.

Our refund policy is as follows: a) should you give notice that you would like a refund of a payment (other than the first payment) then where no distributions have at that time been made or be in the process or course of being made to your creditors then a full refund will be made without deduction of our fee b) as


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